Startup Develops Ultrasonic Medical Devices

MEDI FUTURES Raises US$5 Mil. Funding Led by Samho Green Investment

By Kim Eun-jin / Business Korea

Officials of MEDI FUTURES pose for a photo after attracting investment from Korean and foreign investors.

Strengthening of global strategy based on solid sales growth expected to accelerate FDA and CFDA approvals

MEDI FUTURES, a biomedical ultrasound company and a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, successfully attracted an investment equivalent to US$5 million through common stocks.

The investment came not only from Korean investors such as Samho Green Investment and ST Capital, but also from strategic investors from the U.S. and China.

CEO Kim Ji-min of MEDI FUTURES said, “It is meaningful that this investment comes 100% in the form of common stocks through strategic partnerships, rather than through simple financial investment. This investment is expected to accelerate FDA and CFDA approvals. Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen our strategy of global advancement to become the world’s number one company in our field.”

MEDI FUTURES has commercialized ultrasonic endoscopic disk surgical instruments and enzyme-free ultrasound stem cell separators based on ultrasonic platform technology. Recently, MEDI FUTURES has developed and exported medical sutures with strong, high-precision anchoring points (barbed sutures).

CEO Jo Soo-bong of Samho Green Investment said, “The sales volumes of MEDI FUTURES’s medical devices currently stand at almostUS$30B and continue to grow at an annual rate of 12%. The devices are part of the minimal invasive medical field that is expanding globally. The advantages of these devices are that they minimize tissue damage and help patients recover more quickly. Given that 80% of the company’s sales come from overseas markets, the company is highly expected to continue to grow.”

Kim Jong-kap, the Chief Executive Director of the Born2Global Centre, said, “Based on its patented medical technology, MEDI FUTURES shows great growth potential. The company is expected to expand its businesses in the global market and attract more investment.”

MEDI FUTURES has been selected as a member company of the Born2Global Centre in 2018. Last August, the company was selected as one of the final three partnership companies at the ‘2018 Medtronic Asia Innovation Conference,’ co-hosted by KOTRA and Medtronic, the world’s largest medical company. As one of the final three, MEDI FUTURES participated in a training program held at Medtronic’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters.

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